TowerHouse, Inc. is a leading fintech / proptech company. We develop transformative and empowering digital solutions for homeowners. We fearlessly invest and build ground up, scalable, technology platforms that gives homeowners a strong digital foothold and improves their leverage across the real estate and consumer finance ecosystems.

We are an experienced team of real estate business leaders, technologists, and consumer product professionals. We specialize in isolating and closing digital gaps by applying decades of domain knowledge and expertise in blue-chip corporate, commercial, and residential real estate and enabling technologies. TowerHouse is led by our guiding principles of information centralization, useful analytics, user efficiency, mobility, ecosystem linkages and social expression. is our flagship digital home platform. See below or visit HomeEgg to learn more.



HomeEgg is a scalable, B2C2B, digital platform empowering homeowners to stay on top of their home in one place.

HomeEgg stimulates financial opportunities for our users by centralizing fragmented sources of home information in a single platform and building linkages across the real estate and consumer finance ecosystems.

HomeEgg users gain powerful insights that help build wealth faster, find cost savings easier, and manage risk quicker.

The outlook for HomeEgg is exciting. Our growing team of industry leaders are committed to delivering a irresistible customer user experience and scaling the HomeEgg platform in ways that challenge and transform real estate and consumer finance industry practices.

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  • Platform Features
  • HomeEgg delivers a powerful tool to help homeowners manage what matters most in one centralized solution
  • Total Home Equity
  • Home Value
  • Home Mortgage
  • Property Taxes
  • Home Improvements
  • Home Assets & Equipment
  • Home Profile
  • On-Demand Analytics
  • Notifications & Alerts
  • Mobile Enabled
  • Data Round Up Wizard
  • An exciting platform Roadmap not to be missed

Great Things




Daniel O’Toole

Founder / CEO

Daniel is responsible for the performance, vision and culture of TowerHouse, Inc. He leads the company’s overall direction including defining and executing the company’s business plan, guiding product investment decisions, and opening new market opportunities.

Daniel has direct responsibility for, the company’s flagship digital home management platform. In this role, he guides HomeEgg’s adoption strategy, functional roadmap and product development activities.

Throughout his career, Daniel has been on the front lines of real estate, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Daniel is Managing Partner of REFM Technology Strategies, LLC, a management consulting firm specializing in helping global businesses, public sector agencies and universities improve the effective use of real estate and facilities management (REFM) technology within their organization.

Daniel was Founder and Managing Partner of IWMSconnect, LLC, a digitial technology analyst firm serving real estate and facility management organizations of leading global business. IWMSconnect was acquired in 2013.

Earlier in his career, Daniel held leadership positions at blue-chip management consulting firms Deloitte Consulting, Booz, Allen & Hamilton and Ernst & Young, LLP.

Daniel earned his Bachelor’s degree from Boston University and Master of Science degree from the London School of Economics in Regional and Urban Planning.

As Daniel explains it, “TowerHouse, Inc. is an expression of so many great professional experiences and a deeper aspiration to enable homeowners  to be their best and improve the way we, as individuals, families, communities, and societies, connect with our physical world.”

Anand kumar


As the CTO of Towerhouse, Anand Kumar is responsible for envisioning the company’s future
technology outlook and leads all aspects of the company’s technological development.
Anand is keenly focused on relevant technology enabled business innovations that demonstrate Towerhouse’s
leadership in this space and deliver significant value to its users.

Anand has 20 years of industry experience in various IT companies such as Nokia, Microsoft, Ericsson.
Has a bachelors degree in Electronics and resides in the Greater Boston Area.

Richard Davidson

Investor and Advisory Board Member

Beyond his seed investment in TowerHouse, Richard provides valuable consumer product insights and perspectives based on his 26 years of product development, manufacturing and global marketing experience focused in the B2B and B2C sectors.

Richard currently serves as President of RK Response, Inc. a product development firm with marketing implementation through direct response TV marketing (DRTV). Over the years, he and his companies, have developed a portfolio of DRVT consumer products that have been showcased at major global retailers. Rich has a competency for transforming everyday consumer challenges into advanced products. He holds global intellectual property rights on a variety of inventions and trademarks.

Prior to RK Response in 1991 he launched Direct Export Inc. from Boston, Massachusetts. Building on relationships with global retail establishments and manufacturers in China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia, he developed and manufactured of a range of consumer and industrial products. Mr. Davidson studied business administration at Northeastern University.

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